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 On 3 June 2015, the feet of the Flora Maggiore appeared in front of the southern entrance of the Cologne Cathedral. The foot size of the supporting leg was 24 meters in length. The proportion to the body length corresponds exactly with the height of the Cologne Cathedral. Flora Maggiore is a replica of the Roman statue from the 2nd century AD from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. In this virtual project the Flora was created to 153.38 meters in the network to jpg. A Flower Goddess in Dom-size spot. The pair of feet of the Flora Maggiore was transferred with chalk in original size on the plating in front of the cathedral. The footprints were positioned that way the pillar came to stand directly on the Meridian previously defined. This meridian extends through the side entrance and the sacred center of the building and continues over the earth. That same day you could see Flora’s foot outlines below on the square from the observation deck of the Cologne Cathedral in 97.25 meters and thus on the chest of flora. The work should get a momentum during the event and the following day, because at the same time was the space prepared for the cath. Holiday Corpus. Exactly at this place the Mass and subsequent procession were committed under the leadership of the Archbishop of Cologne. In front of the page Portal the chancel was built with the centrally aligned altar just at the feet of the Flora Maggiore on the meridian. In addition, they had created an entrance hall by barricades with rows of chairs for the dignitaries and invited believers, which in turn superimposed a part of a foot of Flora. Laterally to the seating had been installed a grandstand for a huge children's choir. On the axis at the other end of the square - in the back of Flora - the media built on to broadcast the event. Before everything took its course, I drew vigorously the lines of footprints with chalk again. Meanwhile, the children's choir began to match vocal scale consequences. Here something happened that made me believe in miracles again immediately ... out loud resounding vocal exercises I believed to hear from the well-intentioned Gloria a Floria - in all ups and downs of the tone scales. Everything took its course, the place was filled with people who entered and dissembled the feet of flora and finally ceded to the procession through the city. The drum rhythm in the video is the eightfold acceleration of the bells of Cologne in the cathedral.

Video  5:14 Min 2016 avi
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left pictures background is taken from the Google Earth program